Psychiatric Medication can be dangerous

"soldiers become unstable and potentially dangerous after being routinely prescribed psychiatric medications. "

"Why are so many murders and suicides taking place by people who are on supposedly 'anti-psychotic' or 'anti-depressant' medications?"

"The New York Post reported on January 31, 1999, that they had obtained documents (through Freedom of Information Law) that the New York Psychiatric Institute was testing Prozac on 6-year-olds. The documents obtained by the Post showed that under these drug trials the psychiatric researchers own documents noted that "Some patients have been reported to have an increase in suicidal thoughts and/or violent behavior." Another side effect--wild manic episodes--was also acknowledged in the researchers' records."

"The Winnendon, Germany school shooting, which left 17 dead including the gunman, appears to be the latest in the chain of psychiatric drug-induced school shootings."

"Over the years as a psychiatrist I've evaluated innumerable cases of individuals who have been driven over the edge by psychiatric drugs."

"Other eye-popping interviews with mental health experts include the claim from Dr. Jerrold Rosenbaum, chairman of the Department of Psychopharmacology at Massachusetts General Hospital, that nobody in the mental health industry knows why, or how, psychiatric drugs work--even in cases in which they are alleged to be effective."

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